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In the not so distant future, about 30,000 clones, also known as "The Secret Children," live harmoniously with the humans who created them more than 30 years ago. However, the lives of clones drastically change when a dictator named Bloomquist takes over the presidency and leads a campaign to extinguish them. The new regime instates a Clone Monitoring Committee to fulfill its goal to eradicate the clones until they are all destroyed.

Feeling helpless and terrified as they watch their family and friends get captured and mercilessly killed, The Secret Children begin to hear about two brave clones, Cedric and Sophia, who fight against the government with the help of their human friend, Max. As they become Bloomquist's number one target, they also bring new hope to the group of remaining Secret Children - Gil, who longs to become a human, Ben and Angela, a married couple who question why they must continue living each day on the run, Lance, who plots his own way to revolt against the government, and Carl, who has managed to keep his clone identity secret. Knowing their lives are on the line and desperate to preserve their race, they make it their priority not to live but to survive.