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  • Hiroshi Nakajima

    Hiroshi Nakajima

    Director / Writer / Producer

    Hiroshi Nakajima was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. During his childhood, numerous weekend trips to the theater with his father to watch Hollywood movies inspired Hiroshi to eventually write his own story at the mere age of 11. Upon graduating high school, Hiroshi enrolled at Orange Coast College as a film student. He later graduated in 2003 from San Francisco State University with a degree in Cinema. With his degree in hand and the experience as a writer and director of a couple of student films, Hiroshi soon joined a local San Francisco film production company as a screenwriter. During his time there, he continued to pen feature length screenplays, which received critical acclaim at various screenplay festivals and competitions. In 2007, Hiroshi moved to Los Angeles to shoot his short film, "Lily." It was both a candidate and winner for numerous "Best Short Film" awards at festivals around the world.

    In 2010, Hiroshi completed a feature version of "Lily" (89 min – Drama - USA), which told a semi autobiographical story of a young American screenwriter’s struggle to succeed while trying to maintain a serious relationship with his girlfriend. Hiroshi’s first feature film received numerous awards at international film festivals. In the following April of 2011, "Lily" debuted in theaters across his native country of Japan where it was met with positive reviews as an original dramatic story and put Hiroshi in the spotlight as a Japanese director who had successfully filmed an American movie.

    The success of “Lily” landed Hiroshi the opportunity to make his second feature film through a US and Japanese production partnership consisting of FOX, NTT Plala, and I-Cast, Inc. His original Science Fiction script, “The Secret Children” (103 min – Sci-Fi – USA-Japan), depicts a future government’s oppression against a clone race and how the clones, against all odds, find a way to survive. In January of 2013, Hiroshi directed and filmed “The Secret Children” in Los Angeles, and production was completed by October of the same year. Its theatrical release is scheduled for the spring of 2014.

  • Alan Noel Vega


    Alan Noel Vega has worked on motion pictures, TV and video games since 1989, primarily as a producer, line producer, 2nd unit action director/choreographer and stunt coordinator. He started as a development executive with Alex Ho and Oliver Stone, eventually moving to physical production where he had the opportunity to work with American and international directors, including Stone, Kathryn Bigelow, Doug Liman, Hong Kong’s Tsui Hark and Sammo Hung, India’s SV Krishna Reddy, even Germany’s ‘notorious’ Uwe Boll. He has shot films in the U.S. as well as internationally, and has worked with such stars as Faye Dunaway, Cary Elwes, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Sir Ben Kingsley, John Rhys-Davies, Egypt’s Khaled Nabawy and India’s Anupam Kher. He recently produced "The Citizen," one of the top 10 films at the 2012 American Film Market (source: Daily Variety, AFM edition).

    In addition to films, Vega works on stunt action and directing for video games. To date, the games he has worked on have grossed over $11 billion and include franchise titles such as "Call of Duty," "Spiderman," "X-Men," "James Bond," "Star Wars" and "UFC." He has also worked on a #1 scripted TV series (CBS’ Martial Law), and on a #1 reality TV series (Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior).

    He recently became a partner in Spartan Bay, a film sales and distribution company that made its debut at the 2012 American Film Market.

    "The Secret Children" is the second movie he has produced with Director Hiroshi Nakajima.

  • Kelly Koskella


    Kelly Koskella is the current President of Hollywood Rentals. He has been involved in the industry since 1975. Kelly began his career as an actor and was featured in television, commercial and feature films. While attending college during the early 80's his major was Business and minor in Political Science. His involvement in the industry during his schooling brought him to behind the scenes of production. He started with a small theatrical rental company and over time realized the need for information that could not be taught in the warehouse. Kelly ventured out and has worked in many aspects on the set, from grip, electric and transportation. In 1987 he went to work for a lighting and grip company and after a few months was promoted to the rental desk and within one year, he became Director of Operations. Kelly managed the day-to-day operations in both North Hollywood, CA and Honolulu, HI. His involvement in marketing the company and business side of it, produced many large contracts with television shows and feature films. In 1993 the company sold to Hollywood Rentals.

    As President of Hollywood Rentals, he oversees all locations throughout the country. Hollywood Rentals works closely with its sister company Raleigh Studios – the nation’s largest independently owned studio. Both Hollywood Rentals and Raleigh Studios are owned by Raleigh Enterprises.

    Recently Kelly has been involved in producing film and documentary projects. As Executive Producer on "American Federale" to Producing "The Secret Children". His next project as Executive Producer is "Hybrids Master set to go into production early fall.

  • Kenji Tatsuishi


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  • Toshiyuki Imai

    Director of Photography

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  • Ricardo Orta

    Production Designer

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  • Ken Memita


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  • Autumn Rae

    Costume Designer

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  • Ellen Chou

    Costume Designer

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  • Kazuaki Hiruma

    Original Music

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  • Krystle Tabangcura

    Casting Director

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